Index for a Data tree path

I have a set of points, located in a data tree divided in 10 branches.
Basically I would like be able to feed a list of branches and points, to generate lines:

For example:
Join Point 0 from Branch 1 to Point 2 from Branch 4
Join Point 3 from Branch 9 to Point 3 from Branch 2
Join Point 1 from Branch 5 to Point 4 from Branch 0

The list of branches and points are generated at another process.
I can join a list of points feed by an index list from defined branches, but I can`t figure out how to make the equivalent process for the branches.

Hope it`s clear, otherwise let me know!

Manually: [Cherry Picker] component.
Procedurally: [Tree Branch] to filter branches and [List Item] using a tree of indices.

I see, I needed to generate a list of paths, and then use that as input for the List Item. I was trying to use it directly.
Thanks a lot!