Tree branches logic

Hello everyone I can’t figure this out, I need to create a series of lines from point A to some points belonging to a tree and a series of lines from point B to the rest of points belonging to the same tree, with the rule in the image: point A and B need to connects to the points in parenthesis

the picture on the left is not working.


It’s always a good idea to post your GH file

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@riccardo.foschi2 looks to me as if you need to structure the data in the node I highlighted so that you retrieve 2 branches that contain the data for points A and B.
But as @adel.albloushi said it will be better if you post your code.

Thanks for your answer, unfortunatelly I can’t post the code because it’s an algorithm covered by copyright, and I wasn’t able to reproduce a simpler example with the same structure.
In the mean time I had an idea, what about I duplicate the points A and B 4 times and graft it? Will it work?

yes, I think that could work.

18 coordinates protected by copyright. Wow!


:rotating_light: So I stole the coordinates from your screenshot… :rotating_light:

I leave it up to you to interpret my screenshot.


Thanks! I much appreciate your help!!

This is defenitelly what I need!

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Definitely a solution.

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