Some help with data tree

Hi there.
I’m studying data tree to create a course for my colleagues, so I developed an exercise to understand how data trees work and how to manipulate them with some components.

First of all, I created a points cube with the divide curve component. Then, we can clearly see all the branches and indices at the end. After all that, I want to teach how to take different parts from this cube, like any point, any line, or any face. In almost all cases, I was successful, but I can’t seem to find a way to take an XZ plane with a simplified definition.

A print to explain more or less how it works, bur you will understand when opens gh file.
The missing part is the red group.

Any correction or advise in all others parts are welcome too.

Thank you all in advance.
points (32.1 KB)

You could use Split Tree.

points (35.3 KB)

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It was exactly that, you are awesome, thank you, I will study this solution