Line up different geometries

As an output of my code I got a number of shapes laying on the xy-plane. (1)
The Number is variable.

Now i want them to line up in one direction. (2)

And later convert them into a linework so I can laser cut them. (3)

Any Ideas of an elegant way to solve it? I usually would use the marked tool in rhino…

A guy new in the hopper-scene :slight_smile:

Move with a series of numbers in x direction, if the distance should be always the same.
If you want to have the same distance between different Dimension, you could use bounding box, get the x dimensions and move them.

Contour: deconstrcut brep, use edges.

Btw, upload your file, and it will be faster to help you :slight_smile:

Attached you find 3 variations. I assume, you get different branches from your waffle script. (27.6 KB)

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Senten_Spanten.ghx (665.1 KB)

Wow! I did not expect an answer this quick and good.

But I think it does not work with my script. I got two different brep groups and cant list them in one list, so they just merge…

IS there a way to give every piece the same distance to another? When i use the slider the distances vary. Would be nice to slide for a 2mm distance, this way they would be instantly ready for the laser.

I also uploaded my script. just set your object in the left corner. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. The third Variation of my script should do this in x direction. In y it’s just the the max distance. If you are searching for the minimal area, you need some nest or packaging algorythmus. But I think it’s not necessary.

Please internalise the initial data in your file. (right click on the breps (which are linked to rhino) and click on internalize data). Or even your final output (breps) will be enough. Than I will merge the two scripts for you :wink:

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Senten_Spanten.ghx (720.8 KB)

I internalized it. But this one is just an example. I want to make it work for any object, to have a fast way to experiment on the laser cutter. So there is no difference if i have big furniture or small models.

Yes of course. That’s why you do it in Grasshopper :wink:


As long, as your Input Looks like that, it will work without changing something. The branches represent the x/y direction. So in the future, just Change the Input on the entwine component. You can also add more branches if you want, but atleast 2 are required. If you want less, you have to Change the tree structure of the following script. You can also add text tag in the end etc. (71.4 KB)

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I’m speechless! Just the way i wanted it!

Thank you! :blush: