Measuring distance between two grids of points

hey, I’m new to grasshopper and I’m trying to create lines between points A and B that are located on the same line so I can know the distance of every lines, any help really appreciated ! :slight_smile:

line to human (54.0 KB)

I tried this but I want to connect only point with the same y value and I really don’t know how to do it ;(

this is the way

Is there a way to create lines between the 2 points on the same line from the line SDL?

yes, just replace the distance component with line component (line between 2 points)

already tried it but it connects every points together, not only the once that are aligned with the line SDL (3rd photo shows how it connects) :frowning: but thanks tho for helping me

These lines go from inside to the surface. If you want lines from outside points to the surface. a change is needed…

line to human (56.3 KB)

P.S. Two changes…

line to human (56.7 KB)

NOTE: I should have deleted the Mesh | Curve component.

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Thanks a lot ! that’s exactly what I’ve been trying to do for hours :slight_smile: The first solution was the one I was looking for.I appreciate it :))

Have you seen this? Pretty cool.

3D Face Reconstruction from a Single Image

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