Array geo on curve with gradient

Hi, i´ve made a good tool to array a box along a curve with a gradient distance.
But now i want to array a individual rhino geo with the same tool along this curve.
Is there any option to replace the box by a geo from rhino?

best wishes
Mariogeooncurve.3dm (148.0 KB) (10.1 KB)

Have a try Box Mapping or Box Morph. (18.5 KB)

Or you can use Orientwhen if you don’t wanna change your geometry shape. (20.9 KB)

Perfect, the V1 works fine. That’s exactly what I was looking for.
Is there (in the V1) any option to lock the original size of the brep? If i dont wont to resize the geo, just the array with consistant geo and gradient distance?
Thank you!

I already mentioned about it in my second posting…

Yes. I did it. thank you!

Hey, the file works perfect. But if a have more than one brep (5 in this exaple) i want to array on the line, only the last one in the list will be repeated, and on the last 5 points are the other ones.

Is there a way to solve this? an option would be to put all shapes in a separate brep, but this is super annoying for complex geometries!

thank you

Check the linked topic. You’ll also need “Data Matching”. Or you could use Groupcomponent.

The Group component did it for me.Multiple breps fed into a group then run through my script processes distributed everything perfectly. I had to UnGroup at the end in order to bake. It is easy to get lost in the complexity ofr what is possible in Grasshopper.

Many thanks for all your help.