Line types

I’ve noted that the line types have disappeared again? Can’t see centre line or hidden etc…

I’ve also noted that the topic title of this forum in Safari doesn’t update on my machine? I can type but nothing shows until I click in the main window to add content then it pops up.

The two aren’t related but I thought I’d ask if someone else has come across the forum issue? I’m wondering if I need to reinstall mavericks as my machine has started to get a bit glitchy since Yosemite



I noticed the forum issue when creating a topic last night… was thinking it would be something that magically disappears on its own but I guess it hasn’t so far :wink:

Sorry, I don’t understand what you are describing. Where have line types disappeared from?

How would I duplicate what you are (not) seeing?

Ah… I’ve just noticed what the problem is, when you asked how to recreate it.

I’ve opened a file from someone else which is a PC Rhino 4 version… There is only one line type.

I never thought to check a new drawing template, I think I’m going to copy everything to a new file as a precaution, I thought working with a file and saving it as version 5 would override any old settings.