Line starting at centre of this circle cant find quad for next point

selected line tool start drawing at centre ( use osnap cntr) , next point I wanted was quad at ‘9 oclock’ but nothing selectable.
if I select line tool and start at quad its there.

I wanted to draw a triangle centre the 9 0clock then 6 oclock,

why ?

no quad if start line at centre of this circle.3dm (25.0 KB)


Hi Steve - make sure Cen is off when looking for the quad - these snaps conflict.


Hi Pascal,
ah yes it wants to go back to cntr when near circle,…

ok so centr on and click centre, then untick osnap cntr and click quad, but still quad not selectable.

um ?


  1. Turn off GridSnap
  2. Set Quad as your persistent Osnap
  3. Start Line
  4. Type “Cen” to override as a one-shot
  5. Click circle
  6. Get mouse close to a Quad point and click

Hi, just followed that, and no quad appears.


What Rhino version and SR are you running?

(I always start off with V5 in post.)


Have you altered your snap options? I snap to your quads consistently in the same release of Rhino and I think I am using the default settings:

V5 for you shows quads after cen was used, for some reason for me it doesnt.

here are my settings, same as yours except for universal.

If I carefully move the cursor 1 pixel at a time zoomed right in then momentarily as I am on the exact spot I see mid, quad appears in the cursor tips box but the snap is not there, no magnetic pull, not the quad snap one is so used to, not like if I start with quad. so weak you miss it,.

I have opened rhino V4 and tried cen then quad and its there ok on V4, a good snap feel, says quad on its own.