Mesh Relaxation Form Finding

I’m currently still new towards grasshopper and Kangaroo, I’m trying to achieve a form-finding mesh relaxation to create a minimal surface pavilion.
I found this video by SDA that created a script that could define the boundary line and simulate a dynamic mesh relaxation. SDA Dynamic Mesh Relaxation
How do I create those holes on the minimal surface similar to the pavilion design by SDA? (16.8 KB)

Here’s an example that starts from a simple mesh with the topology you want (which you can model in Rhino using simple boxes with 1 face per side, or by creating individual faces using 3D-Face).

Then it subdivides and pulls the boundary vertices to a curve while relaxing the interior of the mesh. Here I’ve created the curve by projecting points to a sphere and interpolating them, but you can also just draw the curve you want in Rhino.


Deja vu?

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