Line print width control file

Does anyone know how to access this file?

There isn’t any such thing as far as I know… The line widths available by default are hard-coded as far as I know, but you can apply any width you need, even if it’s not in the default list.

Geez, that’s essential!
Not easy to find in Win though.

What are you trying to do exactly…?

I’m having complex drawing very rich in lines where 0.13 is already to thick.
I solved it by global scaling but it needs to redefining all layers.
Hairline is to fine, 0.8 look OK.

Your linetypes are set by layer or by object? IIRC Mac Rhino was missing some essential functions in the layer panel for setting linetype by layer on multiple layers…

Are you on Windows or Mac (=this forum)?

For Mac, you cannot define just any thickness afaik, neither as object property nor as a layer parameter. But you can define a scale factor in the printing dialog under “Linetypes and Line widths” (scroll down where it says “Output and Scaling”), so you could try if 0.18 mm at a scale of 0.5 fulfils your requirement.

Are you sure it’s not possible by object? That is to say the scriptlet below doesn’t work? (381 Bytes)

No, when I run it and type a thickness of 0.08 mm (which I am guessing the ts needs, rather than the 0.8 he mentioned), the object property reads No Value. Trying to type anything directly in the relevant field does not work, you have to choose from the standard values on the picking list. And it’s the same in the printing dialog.

OK, and how does it actually print…?

I tried it with a very thin line width, 0.01 mm. I did set the default to Hairline, and when I compare the line I set to 0.01 mm with one at default thickness there is a difference, but it does not look like 0.01 to me on the print. Possibly at the minimum limit of my printer?
Have to go now, later.

By layer, otherwise it would the nightmare changing the one-by-one.