Custom line weights Rhino mac

I’m sure there is an obvious answer, I just can’t find it.
For Rhino on mac is there a way to customise the thicknesses of the print line weight?

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I need the lineweight of some layers thinner than hairline

I thought “hairline” is about as thin as you can print…
Edit: Hairline here is .0001 units… you need smaller than that?

I don’t have my Mac handy here, but in Windows Rhino, in the Properties box with the curve(s) highlighted, you can actually type a value in the box - even though it isn’t obvious, because it looks like a simple dropdown. Otherwise, the following macro should work:

-_Properties _Pause _Object _PrintLineWidth 0.01 !

I used 0.01 as an example, you can set it to what you want. In Rhino V5 for Windows, setting values smaller than 0.01 will show as 0.00 in Properties, although the real value is actually set (display bug). This has been fixed in V6.

Note the above is for setting lineweight by object. By layer you can either do it through the layers panel, or also via the command line or with a macro, but for that, you need to know the layer name.

HTH, --Mitch

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