Line or vector projection to plane

Hi, need help creating projections.
I would like to create projections for lines(curves) or vectors

I have a grid created on a surface

New planes on every point

Black lines are from the grid
Blue lines - something I would like to get

Final result is not a length of this line, I only need to get a projected direction.
I believe it will work for me with lines (curves) and with vectors. Depends on what is easier to make

Post geometry maybe? (12.4 KB)
MojaPana.3dm (55.3 KB)

Have a look at the attachment. It requires Sandbox Topology plugin… (87.7 KB)

Exactly what I was looking for !!
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Hi @HS_Kim
How do I visualize the paths (the name) of each component at the same time? Did you write it for each one or is there a grasshopper setting?

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Stuck in this project …

My model:
MojaPana_2018 04 (21.0 KB)
MojaPana.3dm (41.5 KB)

I would like to measure angles between projected vectors and vectors made from curves (image below)

Also this would be great find if the angle is positive or negative

Maybe it is easier just to find the angle between plane normal and vectors

Don’t know if it is clear what I want. I have added many many images to explain

Check if this is what you are after…

MojaPana_2018 04 (26.6 KB)

Check this as well.

MojaPana_2018 04 (32.7 KB)

And if you might want to see topics on “Node Generation” then, there are some in the old GH forum including bellow…