make2D on certain planes

Hey all,

I want to get some proper projections (similar to technical view, using tangent edges, not projections of the naked edges within the brep). Could this be possible in Grasshopper? Thanks a lot!

Hi @zoster,

Check this out!

It’s a simply solution that works with a cone, but won’t work with any geometry that produces convex projected outlines, nor with geometry that doesn’t convert cleanly into a mesh.

A better approach might me getting the geometry outlines by intersection with each view plane. However, that presents other challenges.


thanks for the suggestion! i did a def that computed the separatrix a while back, that could be used here as well, buy it also uses a conversion to mesh, which, if possible, i would like to avoid. (10.1 KB)

LE: WHOOPs, it was another one that converted to mesh. i used occlusion in that one to separate the lit and unlit faces, then welded them and extracted the naked edges