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I would be very grateful if someone tells me if is it possible to develop this pattern ( in black color ) in Panelling Tools for GH and populate a 2D surface emulating the red color distribution.

I guess this would give me a better understanding of how this plug in works to go further and make similar things on a 3D surface.
Still don’t know if this is even possible.
Made some unsuccessful attempts you’ll see in the file attached.

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JoanPanelling tools- attempts.3dm (52.7 KB) Panelling tools (11.1 KB)

Hi @joantomass the trick with paneling based or rectangular grids, which PanelingTools uses, is to find the right module. This is usually very straight forward in planar panels, but need a more careful planning if the intent to apply to free form surfaces. Here are few rules:

  • the module should fit inside a rectangle. don’t let the module exceed the bounding region unless you have planar region or have allowed for distortion.
  • you don’t want to split curves. Ends might not connect with neighboring modules.
  • try to design modules that intersect with its bounding box at the corners when possible to make sure there are not gaps when populating.

Hi Rajaa,

Thanks to clarify those logic rules, I haven’t seen it that way.
I will continue with the definition this afternoon and try to get what I’m pretending using those rules.

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@joantomass do you mind if I use your pattern in a video tutorial about good practices to choose and design patterns?

I just posted a more thorough tutorial that should help explain how to select modules to generate custom patterns. I hope you enjoy it.

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Sorry @rajaa, I haven’t seen your request of using the pattern, nice tutorial.
Find here attached the version in GH I made following your suggestions.

My next challenge is to make it in 3D by offsetting the grid.

Kindest regaCustom pattern practice (11.8 KB) rds,


Nice, did you get your intended output from the GH script?
Let me know if you need help.