Limitation on No. of Mesh on Scans using iRhino

I noticed that there appears to be a limit of 25000 facets on the IRhino application. Is this going to be increased for the paid up version?

Many thanks

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That’s not something we have control over. We’re using Apple’s ObjectCapture API and at least for now the quality of the mesh is what you’ve described.

That could change in the future versions of iOS, we’ll have to wait and see.

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Other scanners that I have used on the iPhone generates about 250k facets so hopefully irhino can do the same eventually. Do you know when the final version will be available and how much it will cost?

Can you name a few? It’s very possible that they’re using a different SDK.

No, there’s no secret final version in development, what we make available publicly on Testflight is all we have.

The iPhone apps that produce higher mesh counts that I have used are 3d scanner and Scaniverse.

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Looks like those app do little post processing to the point cloud data. It might be a good option to have. I’ll add it to the list

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Another option would be to use iRhino to do multiple separate scans and then to stitch them together. The only problem is iRhino closes the mesh at the ‘back’ which will be problematical for the stitching process. Would it be possible to have an option to switch this automatic mesh closure off?