Limitation for custom beam profile thickness?

I am trying to make a custom profile to match a sheet metal profile. After using the vaBeamStyle command the only parts of the profile that make it into the beam profile are the arcs/fillets. None of the straight line portions of the closed curve created. The thickness of the closed curve is .017" (29GA). I also tried in Column with the same results.Is there a limit to how thin the profile can be?

Interesting question, have you tried upping it to 0.05" or 0.1" to see if it works?

I went to a full inch and same results. I am suspecting it may be a bug with the fillets as part of the closed curve. I am going to try removing the filets and just joining the lines and see if it works. If so then I will try manually placing arcs and trimming the lines, then the inside and outside arcs can share the same point of radius.

This is a screen crop of what I am trying to do. The top is the profile of the closed curve in green. The black is what shows up when I use the custom beam. It is also the same when attempting the same thing as a custom column. The bottom is just a zoom in of the profile (I removed the fillet and made it all lines only).

Can we take it back a step (I usually find this helps): what’s the outcome you’re trying to achieve?

1:2, 1:5 dynamic sections or 3D section detail? (Or much more coarse?)
ie. Will the profile detail be visible?
Or perhaps you’re just trying to establish a quick workflow to get profiles into a VA element?

Would a Rhino extrusion/sweep/rail achieve the desired result (sans the IFC, but if you are using beams for roof profiles I suppose that’s irrelevant?)

@venomousduck I suspect the document you are working on might not have enough precision to handle beams from that closed curve.
Go to Rhino Options > Document Properties > Units and set a more precise Absolute Tolerance. Send me the model to if the problem persists after that.