Lights made from curves

I would like to make a curve a light object sort of like a tube light but along a curve? Is this possible? Many thanks, Rob

I found that making a pipe of small diameter along the curve then tagging it as a light works, but even with the “diffuse” option checked, the light reflects off the nearest surface as a series of spot lights. What I am seeking is a soft, highly diffused light that casts a single reflection, not a series of spot like reflections; any clues?

forgot to upload an image of the spot like lighting situation. A pipe was located beneath the overhang of the joiner work in this particular boat project. The idea is to create in-direct lighting that is hidden by the overhang or “toe space”.

The project at hand is this:

Hi Robb, looks like you were on your own on this one. I wonder if something like HDR light studio has something like that. Sounds like you are wanting a deformable tube light.
Your renderings are nice. —Mark

Yeah, other than your sympathetic email, no positive responses yet, but hope springs eternal…thanks, Rob

Nice work Robb,

Can you make an object an 'emitter' in Flamingo? I haven't used it in years but I could take a tube or piped curve and give it a 'black body emitter' material in Octane and set the color and strength and render. Your 'string of lights' is probably more correct in a yacht interior use since those LED string lights are usually used. We used to call those 'sex lights' when I was building yacht interiors.

A string of lights; I’ve used them before and frankly don’t care for them much. They remind of of my visits to the Philippines. The WW2 castaway jeeps rebuilt with similar lights were pretty cute, but we are trying desperately to achieve something a bit more sophisticated. Christmas lights are for Christmas, not really for yacht interiors (but I do love the attached photo).

Some years ago, I was introduced to an interesting product: electroluminescent lighting that had but one caveat: it required alternating current. The USAF has used them on fighter jets for night lights outlining the wings of F-16’s and the like. Don’t know if their still in use, but a rep from Loctite dropped by to show me the product as they had bought out the original company. They were nothing less than truly cool, but alas, nothing much has happened with them. In any event, their light output is precisely what I’m seeking; a soft, continuous, uninterrupted light. And, thanks for the response.

I appreciate your response no end as this remains a topic I WILL find a cure for! Cheers, Rob

I should add that in Flamingo, I set my rendering passes to 25. If I let it go to 50 or more, the light numbers increase making for a more continuous reflection. This brings problems though; with an Intel I7 3930 overclocked on water cooling to 1.25 ghx, it will still take forever to render the effect I’m seeking. I’ll play around with emission setting in Flamingo and see what I get down that path. Cheers to all, Rob

correction: 4.25 GHz! dyslexic typing strikes yet again.


 What does a dyslexic agnostic, insomniac do?

Wait for it!

 He lays awake at night wondering if there really is a Dog...

You really should check out Octane. Fast!

I was once agnostic but no longer for the best of all reasons. Insomniac I am indeed but largely due to worrying about Flamingo lighting issues. A dyslexic typists I have become as a result of the lazy world of spell checking. I shall check out Octane as you suggested, but the challenge of achieving the desired effect in Flamingo has me intrigued with the spellbinding challenge it presents. Cheers again, Rob


 Sleep well. I've just had a project that has been on the back burner for 50 months revive. I'll use it as a guinea pig for my foray into Thea Render. I'm still an Octane guy for years now but the one thing that lured me into buying a copy of Thea at an 'early adopter' price is the simple ability that it can render the clipping planes that I create in Rhino. Octane does a clipping plan but for some reason Paul the developer has been trying to sort out here with the Rhino gurus is only from the camera. I want to show a true cutaway of the interior of my yachts that the clipping plan is on an ortho alignment and not square to the camera. I'll show some examples soon. 

I sometimes lay awake of sundry Rhino issues and often fall asleep and come up with solutions in my dreams and actually working in Rhino while asleep! Too bad AutoSave doesn't work for those midnight sessions...

Did read the post Raja made about converting a simple extrusion into a brep to be able to deform it . Would that work in your light question? —Mark

Don’ t exactly know where to find Raja’a extrusion. I did pipe a curve, then in Flamingo tag it as a light. Same problem through, the light not matter what the setting in Flamingo may be, i.e. “diffuse” or other, I still get the numerous separate light look…also it seem that no matter the wattage setting, the light remains too bright. I’m seeking a subtle courtesy light sort of glow. I’ve attached some quickie renderings.

The bottom rendering is set at 250 watts. the rendering above it set at 1 watt