Reflection of objects with glow-material

Hi everyone. I use the image I am working on, that you find below, to ask about a strange effect that in Flamingo appears when I have some objects whose material is a glass+glow effect (neon-like).

Besides all the problems that this rendering might have, I would like to ask if anyone has any idea of the reason why the lamps on the yellow wall behind are reflected in that pixeled and uneven way on the marble ground where the columns stand.
I had decreased a lot the marble reflectiveness and also the sharpness, in order to try to get rid of that mistake but nothing.

**This is the resul of a 60 passages render with only artificial lighting, 150 dpi. The lamps behind are not tagged lights but just object with glow-effect; the light source is a infinite light invisible in the staircase.

Many thanks in advance!

Can you provide the light objects and the floor as a separate exported 3dm file? Make sure any textures are embedded in the 3dm via Options>Rendering if you are using nxt 5 or in the Flamingo materials themselves if this is not nxt 5.

The best guess I have based solely on the image is that the floor material has a bump texture in it.