Lighting, flowalongsurface?

Since Rhino still doesn’t support lighting inside blocks, I made light fixtures with lighting a group. I tried flowalongsurface those groups, but it appears lighting inside the groups just get dropped off. Only objects without lighting will be copied over flowalongsurface. How would you distribute lighting on curved surface?

Hello - you can flow points and copy the lights to the points or OrientOnSrf to the points - I guess it depends on the light type and what you want to do exactly - point lights should be easy enough, spotlights more tedious. If there are really a lot of them, it may be worth making a script.


Thanks for suggestion, but with OrientonSrf, I need to click to copy lights one by one anyway along the surface?

I ended up just copying every light one by one after doing Flowalongsurface to copy the light fixtures along the curve.

Ah, this would be so easy if Rhino supports lighting in blocks.