Light source question

Hi everyone
I have a question about making lots of light source at the same time in render mode.
I want to make a ring light so i draw a circle use PointLight. But there’re something wrong.
Only the first light I add will shine like picture.

If put more beside box can find that other lights will appear but the first light still be special.

I change to LinearLight is the same question.Why does it happen?
(under this mode I close skylight and sun.)
If any solution thank’s a lot !!
Ps: All the light is under the same setting.

Hello - please post an example file, I’ll take a look.


hey, @pascal .Thanks for your repeat. Sorry about that I forget to follow this forums. And I try to make the same project but this time my project is success with out the problem up there. If next time I found any bug I’ll post here. Thank you very much.