Default 'Rendered' view mode & Linear Lights

Small bug: when using the default rendered view mode (with shadows & Advanced GPU lighting), the Linear Light casts a CONE of light out of one end, rather than casting light from all area along it’s length.

a) Create a large cube
b) Explode cube then delete top cube face.
c) Place linear light inside cube.
d) View with Neon, then with Rendered mode.
e) Try it without ‘Advanced GPU lighting’.

NEON: Renders correctly.
Rendered Mode:
– With “Advanced GPU Lighting”: Linear light thinks it is a spotlight (bad)
– Without “Advanced GPU Lighting”: Renders correctly.

This is also shown in the post Linear Light

Is this a known bug?

Sorry you haven’t had a response from anybody.
@andy, any ideas?

I know this is a known bug (as seen in other posts). I was hoping someone would bump it onto a bug tracker for you guys to look into.

Thanks for looking into this @margaret!

There is something off here. Posted as bug: