Light reflections and crystall pattern in Rhino grasshopper + Enscape

Hello all,

As you can see in the following picture, I have an organic building whose walls are made of glass.

I would like to give the walls a little more structure and create a little play of light in the room. I would like to have the glass etching foil in silver in a crystalline form applied to the walls in small measure. This can be seen well in the example. How do I get this done in Grasshopper? is there a ready-made script for this? I would still like to render in Enscape.

I would also like to have the light effects in the small area of the crystal also reflected on the floor, as you can also see it well in these pictures.
How can something like this be done?

I have sketched how I imagine it, so that you can understand it better.
I would be really happy if someone could help me. Many thanks in advance!

the rhino file:
Grasshopper rhino crystall.3dm (964.6 KB)

I don’t know in Enscape, but maxwell would require you to constuct a material that has some sort of coating between 450nm and 750nm of thickness on a transparent glass bdsm. I once did something like this to make soap bubbles and I’m sure it’s the same as this glass in real life is done by vaporising a thin layer on it.

how is it possible to get this structure on the glass in rhino or grasshopper? Is there a script in grasshopper for this?