Material preview crystals

The standard crystals for Grasshopper 2 material preview rendered in Cycles, using some of the non-standard materials.


Cool, what are the non-standard materials?

Cycles Metal and Cycles Emmisive. I tried to get some subsurface scattering going on using the GH cycle nodes, but was unsuccessful.

Right. Well, current Rhino WIP Rhino basic metal is (arguably) better than the ‘old’ Cycles metal. It uses the principled BSDF (aka Disney BSDF) with metallic set to 1.0. I think with the upcoming Rhino WIP all Rhino basic materials should look good as they are.

Just standard glass and plastic in this one. Except the lighting was done using two emission materials on two spheres.


Cool. I should make a special prism setup for this that fakes chromatic aberration to some degree.