License disappeared

I bought a license a while ago.
Last week my Mac died.
Bought a new one and of course logged into my act to get the license key.
It says that I don’t have one.
What now???

Your license key needs to be manually added to your Mac Rhino on the new computer, to create a new valid license for the new computer.
Your license key can be found in the email invoice yo9u received when you purchased it.

The Rhino Account you seem to be alluding to is for Rhino V6 only. Rhino V5 (Mac or Windows) does not support cloud zoo licenses.

If you can’t put your hands on the license key, call Sales when the office is open so they can look it up for you.

Thank you:)

migrated the crashed drive and found it:)


while I have you here… is there a rendering program out there for rhino 5 mac? The one in rhino stinks… sorry… (or I stink at it)

The one in Mac Rhino is quick, simple, and intended to convey design intent, not to make realistic images.

I think a lot of Mac users like the Maxwell rendering tool, but I have no experience with it.
A quick search in the forums for Mac Rhino and Rendering should turn up lots of ideas.

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must have been using wrong keywords because I could not find anything. Thank you… will look into Maxwell.

Maybe Keyshot, too!

Also, within Rhino6 (available a few months waiting time, maybe @John_Brock can tell us more … ), there´ll be a live rendering machine built into Rhino:

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Nothing new to report on the Mac V6 WIP. It’s getting better but still too incomplete to make available publicly.