Legibility in dark mode

Dont know if this is only the case on my system, but parts of the gh interface are very hard to read on dark mode on RH7 as well as RH8. It seems, that the font/slider has not been adjusted in some places.


Hi Rudi -
I’m not sure what the plan is for this as this is completely different in Grasshopper 2. I couldn’t find a YT item for it and now filed RH-64979 so that at least someone can have a look.

Thank you Wim!

You mean the way dark mode is handled in GH2?

Hi @wim, @dan for ICONS users in dark mode, all plugin tabs are unreadable and some native tabs too. I am using the last release.


Hi @ThomasE -

I see that here too. Logged in:

RH-66052 Grasshopper: Tab icons not legible in Dark Mode

Thanks for reporting this.

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