How to show "Left View"

Really simple but I can’t figure it out. All I want is to have a left view while drawing. When I google it, it seems everyone is referring to a left view for rendering purposes and where the lights and camera are. So images 1_Perpective, 2_Front & 3_Right are all as to be expected.

If I go to Set View and click on left view of Cplane (airplane icon), it gives me a front view that is rotated 90degrees. (see 6_AirplaneLeft, 4th IMAGE)

If I go to Set View and click on “Front View” it’ll give me a left view BUT relative to the Standard Cplane not the Cplane I’m currently using. (see 5_SetViewFront, 5th IMAGE)

If I go to a floating viewport then change it to Left (see 4_FloatingLeft, LAST IMAGE) (left view car icon) it shows (a) the rear view and (b) relative to the original Cplane of the drawing and NOT the Cplane I’m using (see the 2 blue arrows showing base lines)

Each time I change something above (a view) I first revert to the desired Cplane. Anyone know how to achieve this very simple task?

Open this file.
Make the Front view current.
You can read “Front”
Use SetView in the Front view and make it Back.
Now you can read back.SetView.3dm (289.5 KB)

Thanks John but I don’t think you understood the question. I was easily able to get a left view from your model however as soon as I replicated the same conditions as my drawing, the left view using the car icon uses world view so therefore everything is on an angle. If I click left view using the plane icon (which makes it relative to the current Cplane), the left view is rotated by 90 degrees.
In my case I have many items on different Cplanes. I started off drawing a group of objects (let’s call them group A) which were mainly drawn using the Standard Cplane (World View?). From these I drew (derived) other objects which are the ones shown in my post above (let’s call them group B) however they are on different Cplane and I need to show these objects correctly and squarely siting so that I can do the dimensioning which I’ll produce PDF’s of so naturally I can’t have everything sitting on angles and rotated. Check your file now that I have replicated the same conditions. ThanksSetView_A.3dm (375.4 KB)

Try the TiltView command to reorient the view.

I guess I would fir turn on Universal Construction Planes so the Parallel projection CPlanes stay oriented 90 degrees to each other.
Then use SetCplane (perhaps 3 point option), to line one up.
Run the Plan command to square up that new oddball CPlane orientation to the screen.
I would also use Named CPlanes to save the orientation so you can restore it later.

Since dimensions are always created coplanar to the current CPlane, this should get your dimensions lined up.

Thanks Mark & John. Tilt View seems to be doing the trick for me for the moment but if I experience any dramas, I’ll try your method John. I already use named Cplanes so that I can easily flip from one to the other.