Leader Dimensions are now very difficult to use... I may return the Rhino 5?

Leader Dimensions are now very difficult to use… I may return the Rhino 5?

The justifcation method is awful. I cant line my dimensions up, I cant put the dimension in a location I want… I cant put it on the side I want.

Please re-think entire leader system and update the software ASAP.

Hi Sheridan,
Thanks for posting this.

I need more help understanding the specific details about what is not working in Rhino 6 and what is working better in Rhino 5 than Rhino 6. A procedure, screen capture image or screen capture video would help us understand the issue better.

Here is a video that compares making and editing leaders in Rhino 5 and Rhino 6. You can see that there are similarities and differences.

Here are the Rhino 5 Leader properties:

Here are the Rhino 6 Leader properties.
The primary improvements are in:

  • wrapping
  • leader attachment control
  • font selection
  • justification
  • and improved control point access
  • more properties brings up arrow and leader style selections.
  • text case editing

You may want to try the Leader command in a new model. And if you can isolate whatever problem you are seeing to a specific file, please attach that file for evaluation.

Hope this helps.
Mary Ann Fugier
McNeel Technical Support and Training
Seattle, WA

Thanks for the video.

It could be Im stuck in my ways and the added functionality is change Im finding hard to adopt.

After having a play with the settings they are not as simple, due to text justification, and the leaders also need an additional control point to be able to be moved in ta similar way to the past. Justification does make a few of the edits sticky. And I hope that a review could help, but doubt it as the parameters put into the new system with text justification etc mean difficult.

Thanks I will have to adjust

Hi Sheridan.
Thanks for the additional details.
I understand better now.

A couple features that may help. First, the control points are by default when annotations, curves or light object sis picked.
This is where can control this setting, in case you have turned it off.

First select the leader object. To pick both control points, use a “window select” by first picking away from any geometry (1), and move cursor right up or down and pick the 2nd (2). Next move the points to the new location. (Of course, you can pick all or any combination of control points.)

If you have the Gumball on, it can help with the move, otherwise you can just drag the points at the same time.

Mary Ann Fugier
McNeel Technical Support and Training
Seattle, WA