Resizing Leader Edit pop-up vs Text

Why can’t I resize Leader one and can Text?.. Can it be consistent?

Do you mean the arrow of the leader?

I mean the pop-up window.



Ah, you mean that you can’t drag the edge of the window to resize it.
Pff, I meant you can’t resize the actual leader.
You should be clearer in the OP :wink:

Yep, indeed I have the same issue Leader window cannot be resized.

Maybe you shouldn’t have stopped reading after Leader. :wink:

Still wouldn’t have gotten what you meant.
You know the aphorism: “A picture is worth 1000 words.”

Yeah, if I cared more. At this point it’s just another frustration with R6. I don’t expect anything coming out of it anyway, just vented here. It’s pretty dumb when entering multiline texts, 'cause new lines in the edit box don’t match the new lines on the leader, so you have to watch leader text when entering it instead of Edit box. Unlike Text or Dim.


Copy/paste from/to notepad.

Sorry, for the joke, I understand your pain. Though not so much with Rhino but other software