Layouts in Rhino 7

I am creating a store floorplan. I have a single detail layout in the top view. I’m wondering if there’s a way to put a grid in the layout space.Floor Plan Layout.pdf (72.5 KB)

You can draw whatever you like directly in a Layout. Lines, hatches, even nurbs surfaces. (Will all be 2d of course).
However, if you draw a simple line grid on top off a detail, it won’t be aware neither of the content nor the scale of the detail. If that is irrelevant, it’s easy. However you like to change (zoom, pan) the detail a lot, you would need to realign the grid. No automatism here. (Could need this myself)


Thanks so much. I should have thought of this myself. If I print out the floorplan with a scaled grid on it, then my designer can use it with pencil and ruler just for planning and working out her design. I’ll try putting a hatch in the layout space and see how it works.



That should work just fine.
Rhino and layouts… A long long story.

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