Layout window auto-maximizes when re-activating main window

Noticing that the layout window for a given document automatically maximizes itself whenever the primary window is reactivated (e.g. after switching back from another application). Assuming this is the intended behavior and not a bug, but feels strange compared with the normal window behavior on OSX applications (which rarely if ever auto-maximize themselves)…

Steps to reproduce:

  • Open a Rhino document, and open the Layouts window for that document (two separate Rhino windows are open, say side-by-side on screen)
  • Minimize layouts window, keep working on the Rhino document.
  • Activate another window, like a web browser
  • Re-activate the Rhino window that is not minimized
  • The Layout window automatically restores itself at this point and covers up whatever you were looking at before

99% of the time I don’t want to see the Layout window again at this point, that’s why it was minimized in the first place!

things get way weirder when using more than one desktop:

the above video shows the following setup:

  • primary Rhino window open on one Desktop, Layouts window open on a second Desktop
  • switch to another application in either window without minimizing Rhino
  • switch back to primary Rhino window

The two desktops switch back and forth endlessly as shown in the video, this doesn’t stop until you Cmd-Tab to switch out of Rhino