Window layout not persisting


I’m noticing that my window layout doesn’t persist between sessions. Is this intentional behavior?

Here’s what I’m experiencing:

  1. I close Rhino with no toolbars open or visible.
  2. I reopen Rhino.
  3. When Rhino restarts, a lot of toolbars are open and visible.

This makes it seem like the program isn’t saving my preferred layout.

Did you save your window layout through the Window menu?

I would however expect that Rhino should remember the last used window layout if there was only one Rhino instance running when it closed.

Yes, I would too, asking questions to get a complete picture of steps taken to get to this. So far I am unable to reproduce. Changes I make to the window layout stick without explicitly saving the last layout I had opened.

@AMG please run the Rhino command _SystemInfo and paste the complete result here in a reply.

Yes I have saved the window layout.

To mitigate this issue I have added a startup macro (_-WindowLayout Minimal _Enter) for my custom window layout Minimal.rhw (29.4 KB), but even then I still have some toolbars open and visible after I restart the Rhino application.

@nathanletwory, please see attached result from _SystemInfo.
systeminfo.txt (4.1 KB)

I see the problem of your second video when using the startup command -WindowLayout where there is a floating container until you click in Rhino. But I am unable to reproduce the behavior from your first video.

Logged the second issue as RH-82447 Left container pops up on -WindowLayout

On my installation I have to explicitly click the close button on the left container. It does not go away if I click inside the viewports.

Did you try with the window layout file I provided? Minimal.rhw (29.4 KB)

I can live with the startup macro if the left container stops popping up. Thank you.

Tested with two different layouts, Minimal.rhw (29.4 KB) and Minimal 2.rhw (29.6 KB). When using the former the window layout do not persist, but when using the latter the window layout do persist between sessions.

I have added the files to the YT item.

Thank you. But should not this be two separate issues?

  1. Left container pops up on -WindowLayout.
  2. Window layout not persisting between sessions.

I clarified it in the YT issue.

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