Layouts - move views to main window?

I find annoying that I need to open another window for Layouts, instead will be great to have all the Layouts into the main window next to the standard Rhino views: Perspective, Top, Front, Right.

why not, anyway that space is so empty :wink:

Have you tried ‘Merge Windows’? Adds the layouts window as a tab.

Yes, it is working this way but need to “Merge Windows” for every single document created and also it is using more space from the top bar space, meantime a lot of free space it is wasted on the right of the default views where it should be all the Layout windows open. Hopefully the RhinoMac developers will find some time to improve the usability of the Mac version of Rhino, making to behave more like the Windows counterpart which it is much better in terms of usability.