Layout to PaperSpace

I’m finding that when opening V5 generated layouts in Autocad, they are not zoomed extents by default. The PaperSpace screen, when opened measures about 12x10mm instead of the A1 size it was saved at in this case. The PS views need to be individually zoomed and re-generated.

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@mary can you duplicate this?

Hi @mary, if you are unable to duplicate this, please find attached and example where the issue is apparent.

Further to the zoom issue, there seems to be another issue where the geometry in PaperSpace (in Acad) has shifted slightly - this may be connected to printer settings and I hope you can duplicate it.

In the example, Layout 01 has printer set to PDF995, 02 is set to ‘none’ both with geometry in Layout space, and 03 is a new, default layout (A1) with one default detail with default ‘none’ printer setting.

When saved and opened in Autocad, the PSpace geometry and viewports have shifted in layouts 02 and 03. Looks like Autocad is adjusting margins or something and moving the paperspace objects to suit - could it be some not-so-obvious settings have become corrupted by taking in 3rd party Acad files to Rhino whose printer settings are not recognised? - shouldn’t move the geometry though…

V5 Test - Layout to Acad.3dm(52.5 KB) V5 Test - Layout to Acad.dwg(15.2 KB)

Hi Brian,
I could not duplicate it with my own collection of models.
Mine models are imperial units are D size layouts in Rhino.
I save them as DWG and open them in AutoCAD. They open as D size layout in
AutoCAD 2013.

I did have some text that was exempt from layout scale in Rhino, that was
very large when it opened in AutoCAD.
In AutoCAD, I turned annotations scale on to the text style, can it came
down to appropriate size.

I will try it now with yours models and let you know.
Thanks for posting your files for us to test…
Kind regards.

Mary Ann Fugier
McNeel Technical Support
Seattle, WA

Hi Brian,
I can duplicate it here with your model.
I will post it as a bug for the developer and see if he can figure out what
about the model or what we are doing may be causing this display of the
viewports to to happen.

Thanks for bringing it to our attention.
We will let you know what we find out soon.

Mary Ann Fugier
McNeel Technical Support and Training
Seattle, WA

Thank you Mary, I was getting a bit paranoid …