Layout space block text shrinking

In the layouts view my block text is the wrong size. This was an import from Rhino7. When I see my titleblock block the text is super shrunk down. When I double click on the block to edit it the text goes back to normal size until I hit apply. When I hit apply the text goes back to being very small.

Do I just need to manually resize all my text?

Looks like it’s not just my text in the block. It’s all my text everywhere in the layout space.

Hi Chris - check the setting in document settings > Annotations for scaling - this is it on Windows.


Both boxes are checked in mine. I unchecked them and nothing happened.


…I thought I had a solution and it seems I was wrong…

Edit edit:

OK… So the solution did work. I also needed to also manually change the font size of the text that is not in a block as it imported wrong from Rhino7. This is what solved the issue for my block text and another issue I was having from Wim:

It sounds like the layout units were set to millimeter in Document Properties -> Units -> Layout Units . As far as I can tell, the default template in feet has this set to inches.