Layout grasshopper image

I am struggling to find a way to place on a clean way my grasshopper file on a paper… Is there an option to layout on a paper what you can see on the image below of my grasshopper? I found ‘hi-res image’, but this takes a picture of the whole drawing. I found some discussions about placing the drawn part in rhino in a layout, but not how to layout ‘commando’s’ in grasshopper… Is this possible? Or has someone an idea what I could do? Thanks!

It should be fairly trivial to cut up the big drawing into smaller areas of interest using any pixel image editor. The hi-res export is pretty ideal since you can choose the background colour, thus making it easier to embed your images into a text without ugly background rectangles. Also it allows you to export the image as a high resolution more suitable for print rather than display.

Or did I misunderstand what sort of image you’re after?

Oké, thanks for the fast answer! No, I think this is what I need then. My image is pretty long, so I need to cut it in peaces to get in on an A4 or A3 for example, and then it is not so easy to cut them so the lines can nicely continue from one paper to another when just using the preview in mac to do it… :stuck_out_tongue: