Print a very long grasshopper program

I want to print a very long program in gh, I need at least 80% zoom in (to be able to read the program) but the problem that in order to have a clear program I need to export it on 7 parts and then make them with photoshop :confused:,this is my solution… to do it once it’s not a problem but to repeat it every time I have a long program is not easy and I loose too much time…
I’m sure there is an easy way to make it directely with gh… I have searched but …

File>Export Hi-Res Image

I have a problem with my Laptop, the photo is super heavy and Gh is not responding :smiley_cat:
I have to try with another computer
thank you

If the file is big and your zoom is high, then it will take a long time to export all the image tiles. You’ll just have to wait, although to be honest I at some point gave up on a specific export after it took more than two hours.

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the same for me yesterday, and grasshopper doesn’t respond I was worried if may be I lose all the work or the file is damaged,so … welcome photoshop :slight_smile:

You should always be worried about that which is why you should always have backups of your files at relevant stages.

The exporter will generate a bunch of 1000x1000 pixel tiles into your computer Temp folder. Depending on the size of the file and the zoom factor of the export, you can easily end up with thousands of tiles and a final image whose size may well exceed the maximum allowed for bitmap/png images.

The stitching of the tiles into a single big image is done by a separate program which doesn’t share any resources with Grasshopper or Rhino, so if it fails due to a memory overload it shouldn’t affect other processes.

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Thank you for the explanation :slight_smile: