Layout - Duplicate page

Is it possible to duplicate a page in layout ?

Select the page you want to copy and type CopyLayout


Great. Thank you Max

Would be nice to have a shortcut for this. Like right click on the thumbnail. Or as an option when one ‘adds page’. Hopefully they can add this for V6.


Agreed; it’s not very discoverable right now. We have this item on our list for 5.3 (MR-2775).

Good news !

In the latest RhinoWIP (5E41w), you should be able to option-click a layout thumbnail and a plus symbol should appear on the cursor as you drag. This will make a copy of the layout, much like you would copy a file in Finder, or an object in Rhino. Please give it a try.

Works for me.

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This sounds great. Am not using the WIP so will wait for next update.

New layout tool palette looks very handy too.

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