Automatically rename copied layouts with page numbers

In Rhino 6 whenever I copied a layout and moved it to the end it would automatically rename the page with correct page number. For example, I have a template called A0. If I right-click on A0 and select “Move or Copy” I then get a window that says Move or Copy. I then get the option to move the copy to the end and create a copy. In Rhino 6 the newly created page would be Page 1, If I created a copy of Page 1, the newly created layout would be Page 2 and so on. In Rhino 7 The first copy is called A0 Copy, The Copy of A0 Copy is A0 Copy Copy. How do i get it to go back to the old way of named layouts.

I’ve been slow to move over to Rhino 7 from 6, partly because of this very thing. Did you ever get an answer?

Hello- as far as I can see in the latest V7, the renaming occurs as in V6.


Hi Pascal,

Thanks for answering so quickly. I just updated my Rhino 7 after reading your reply, but it looks like the issue still exists whenever I copy a layout.


It does indeed … I just tested this and it did not do that. Hm. I’ll investigate… In any case, I do not know if this is by design or not. It does not seem super helpful to me.



Yes, I agree - it’s way more helpful if the copy of the layout is an increment higher page number, rather than it being labeled as a copy.

My guess, having thought for a moment, is that change could be by design, so that the user can tell, when there are many layouts especially, what the source of a layout is. Nevertheless, I’ve added
RH-72207 Layout: Copying and renaming
Just in case …


Hi Pascal,
Has there been any movement on this? It’s a small feature but it was really helpful. Perhaps there is a script that can be written to help people that liked the old way of doing things. I guess if you were a person that renamed all of your pages anyway the change wasn’t a big deal. I saw your communication with Dale. I have to honest I don’t understand his logic. “Page 01”, “Page 02”, Page 03" are useful, and normal ways, to label pages. If someone wants to change it, that’s fine, but who would label their pages “Page 01”, “Page 01 copy”, and “Page 01 copy copy”? That forces ALL your users to rename their pages.

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I’m using this Python script in Grasshopper. It’s far from perfect but with a few tweaks gets the job done.

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
import scriptcontext as sc
import Rhino

sc.doc = Rhino.RhinoDoc.ActiveDoc

layouts = rs.ViewNames(return_names=True, view_type=1)

#print layouts

old_name= layouts[0:2]

print old_name
print len(old_name)

i = 0

while i <= 2:
    view = layouts[i]
    print view
    rs.RenameView(old_name[i], new_name[i])
    i = i+1

sc.doc = ghdoc

Hi Martin,
Thanks for the reply! I’m a total noob when it comes to writing and using scripts. Do you think you could tell me how to run this script? Do I copy and paste it into the Python editor? Do I do the “Run Script” command? I’m sure you’re busy but if you have the time, any additional help would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve added a screenshot of how I’m using it in Grasshopper. Sorry I don’t know how to set it up so it works in the Python editor.

No worries! This is great! Thank you so much for the help!