Automatically rename copied layouts with page numbers

In Rhino 6 whenever I copied a layout and moved it to the end it would automatically rename the page with correct page number. For example, I have a template called A0. If I right-click on A0 and select “Move or Copy” I then get a window that says Move or Copy. I then get the option to move the copy to the end and create a copy. In Rhino 6 the newly created page would be Page 1, If I created a copy of Page 1, the newly created layout would be Page 2 and so on. In Rhino 7 The first copy is called A0 Copy, The Copy of A0 Copy is A0 Copy Copy. How do i get it to go back to the old way of named layouts.

I’ve been slow to move over to Rhino 7 from 6, partly because of this very thing. Did you ever get an answer?

Hello- as far as I can see in the latest V7, the renaming occurs as in V6.


Hi Pascal,

Thanks for answering so quickly. I just updated my Rhino 7 after reading your reply, but it looks like the issue still exists whenever I copy a layout.


It does indeed … I just tested this and it did not do that. Hm. I’ll investigate… In any case, I do not know if this is by design or not. It does not seem super helpful to me.



Yes, I agree - it’s way more helpful if the copy of the layout is an increment higher page number, rather than it being labeled as a copy.

My guess, having thought for a moment, is that change could be by design, so that the user can tell, when there are many layouts especially, what the source of a layout is. Nevertheless, I’ve added
RH-72207 Layout: Copying and renaming
Just in case …