Layout Drawing Mode

In the WIP is there any way to change the drawing mode in the layout detail windows?

I seem to get wireframe only.

Is there any way to resize the detail viewport? When I drag a corner, I drag the whole window. Is there some way set the detail viewport to an exact size?

I’m on Windows so this might not work the same way - but I don’t see why it wouldn’t.

Double click inside the detail and then set it to the display mode that you want.[quote=“bigjimslade, post:1, topic:32270”]
When I drag a corner, I drag the whole window.
I don’t understand what that means. Details are always rectangles with 90° corners.

Scale1D and/or Scale2D?

When I drag a corner, the entire window moves. It does not resize.

I have also found some weird zooming behavior I am trying to pin down where the contents in the detail zoom but I can’t zoom the page.

Try turning on control points (F10) when you have the selected window/viewport you want resized. Then, select one of the control points and move to resize your viewport.

To my knowledge, I don’t believe there is currently a standard, out-of-the-box option in Rhino for Mac to specify a viewport size (i.e. exactly 10" X 14", 20cm X 30cm, etc.). It would be nice to have this as a possible feature though. For now, you could draw reference lines with whatever height & length is needed in your layout and snap the viewport to those extents via the process described above.

How about just selecting the detail, calling Scale1D, snap to one corner, snap to other corner, and finally type 20cm?

On Windows it works like this: When the detail is activated, zooming happens in the 3D model space. To zoom the layout page, first double click in the detail to deactivate the detail. Then zoom the layout.

Is there any way to zoom the page rather than zoom the page contents?

I don’t understand what the difference is between those. Is one of these a detail?

When I do a page layout, the page itself does not come close to filling the screen.

I’d like to be able to zoom to the page.

But when I zoom, the contents within the detail box get bigger, not the entire page.

Click OUTSIDE the Detail, so you do not see the grid and model background color.
Then the Layout page is current and you will be Zooming like you want

Custom layout “paper color” is not yet hooked up on the Mac version and I guess it might be difficult to see the difference between an active and a none-active detail if your viewport background color is similar.

Let me add this question: Is there any way to get raster output in a PDF?

Or, what is the preferred way to create the PDF?

If I do print and select PDF, I get lots of jaggies and blurring.

That said, some of the stray lines appear in Rhino as well.

Also, if I zoom in such that it is impossible to click outside the box, I cannot see how to stop zooming the contents and return to zooming the page.

I add, that I fail to see the use of manually zooming the contents of detail. IMHO, it would be better if it did not zoom at all and that the size be controlled by setting the scale.

Doesn’t double clicking (assuming there even is such a thing on Mac :innocent:) inside the active detail deactivate it? That’s the way to do it on Windows…

Well… There are two ways of doing this - you don’t have to use the way that you don’t want to use :wink:

Any ideas about fixing the lines in the drawings?

If you actually do the PDF print (not just a screenshot), and view or actually print the PDF, how do the raster and vector prints look?
When I was doing some basic testing, I found the output of both to be quite good; much better than the print previews.

The picture above is a from a PDF. I created that doing a PRINT>PDF>SAVE AS PDF. Is there some direct from the application to PDF process I overlooked?

However, I am not sure how much of that is coming from the PDF and how much from the PEN display mode. I see the same extra lines visible in the image above in PEN/Artistic/Technical display mode.

If you are seeing stray lines on the screen, then the problem is definitely not with the PDF printer. I can’t tell from your screenshot, but your camera may have some problems. Try performing a zoom extents and then print again

The PDF image looks like the screen image in PEN/Technical/Artistic modes. No matter how I move the camera I still get the defects in various (but the same places).

I suspect that I am not creating the PDF correctly (What is the preferred method?). This is what I get doing print to PDF:

This is what I see in Rhino:

It looks like what I am doing is rasterizing rather than creating a vector PDF.

Thus, I seem to have 2 problems: (1) Pen output deforming the original source (2) not creating vector PDF output.

(1) (?) The difference between the screen display and the PDF result should be caused by the PDF printer settings.
(2) Rendered views (including the technical versions) will never get you vector output.

(1) What settings would be suitable to create a vector output of a view suitable for a 36x24 printed plan?

(2) What would be the process for creating the PDF? Neither the Apple nor Adobe PDF distillers appear to output (or even had the option to create) vector files. Even doing a shaded view creates a bitmap.