Layout detail view not cropping from the side

I wonder why detail view is not cropping when i adjust the rectangle but it adjust symetrically. Thats counter intuitive and strange. Normal behaviour would be only basic crop.

its even resizing the view inside. thats super odd.

That is odd.
Does this happen with all Details and in all files?
If the Detail is Locked shouldn’t have any effect either.

Parallel projection views do not change at all.
Perspective views are scaled as the Detail is modified

parallels are ok perspectives do this even if locked

That is expected behavior.
V6 and V5 do the same thing with Perspective views.

ok i thought it was a bug. anyways i dont find it very consisent behaviour. detailview just clips the whole model and when i want to change the view i go inside detail view and adjust.
i see some logic why but for me consistency is more important.