Can't resize detail view

According to tutorial, detail in layout can be resized by grabbing one of the handles in the box around the detail. But this does not work! Moving a handle crops the detail instead.
I have to change the scale of the detail to resize it - works, but very clumsy!

Sorry, it sounds like you are conflating to different things.
The Detail is a rectangle within the Layout that is a “window” into your model.
One of the Detail’s properties is the Zoom scale that displays within it.

Have a look at these tutorials to learn about it:

Necropost revival…
I wonder if someone could clear up for me sometimes the contents of the detail window are scaled when i move the handles and sometimes not and it crops the detail view,I have tried align to cplane/objext/world and it seems to make no difference.

Hi -

In a quick test here, the view is cropped when it’s a plan view, and scaled when it’s a perspective view.

Hi Wim,
I am getting cropping in persp view.
The weird thing is behaviour seems to change and i can’t work out why,It’s entirely possible there is a setting i haven’t noticed.


Hi -
Could you share a simple file with a perspective detail that crops? Perhaps that might reveal something…

HI,I can.
odd layout behaviour.3dm (156.9 KB)

Hi -
The detail showing the different behavior is in parallel projection, it’s not a perspective view.

Ahhhhhhh,Brilliant thanks.

That has been mystifying me for ages.

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