Layout detail crop window bugs

I noticed a difference in behavior between Mac and Windows with details. In the Mac version, the detail is like a crop window. So moving the points of the detail border, will just alter the crop. This is what I like, the scale of the detail stays the same. Not so in the windows version: if I move the points, the content gets scaled.
My vote is therefore to adopt the way it is done on the mac.

edit: btw if I scale the detail with gumbal in y-direction, the detail gets scaled, if I scale in x direction, I get different behavior: it acts as a change to the cropping only…

edit2: it behaves like Mac when the detail is locked

edit3: when the detail is a perspective view, it works differently, and is buggy as well: If I lock a perspective view, then deselect and reselect, the lock checkmark gets removed, yet when I double click in the detail to change the view, it is still locked. The only way to unlock it again, is to check the lock checkbox and uncheck it right after

bumping this weekend tread up before it gets lost

I’m not seeing that.
In both V6 Mac and V6 Windows, I drew a sphere, and made a Layout with a single Detail showing the Perspective viewport.
Then I selected the Detail and dragged a point.
The display of the sphere was clipped and did not move in either one.

What are you doing differently and can you provide a small file and instructions so we can try to duplicate what you’re seeing?

Hi @John_Brock thanks for looking into it. I just did the same, made a sphere and a layout with single detail. Here’s what happens: First it seems to go fairly well (although while scaling, the preview initially gets stretched) but when I switch the view from top to perspective, it no longer works:

with this file:
bugged_detail.3dm (246.6 KB)

I was wrong about the differences between windows and Mac. On the Mac it also behaves this way