Layout deficiency example

I’ve been noticing more enthusiasm this year and last year, on how Rhino might be better than ever, in terms of being able to provide the user the ability to lay out a plan or blue print like interface where GD&T’s can be illustrated and disseminated to others for manufacturing purposes etc.

But here’s an example where Rhino is deficient in this regard:

1.) let’s say I want to create a file, and in this file is and assembly of 3 parts
2.) and I might want to have a layout for each part, hence 3 layouts let’s say
3.) then at some point I might have the details of each part on their corresponding layers
4.) but from time and time again I might turn the details of one part on or off via their particular layers
5.) and then thus their layout is invisible! :sob:

so frustrating :smiling_face_with_tear:

If only layers were somehow linked to layouts. Maybe I’m missing something…

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This kinda sounds related:

:face_with_monocle: :thinking: :thought_balloon: “separate model layer visibility from the layouts” … hmmm

I use the whole ‘hide in detail’ thing alot to mitigate the issue, but yes if there were ‘separate model layer visibility relative to layouts’ then that might be a game changer.

Because the whole hide detail / show detail thing becomes high maintenance. If layouts could be linked to layers, then different layouts relative to different layers would be much more efficient to maintain. Unless I’m still missing something :sweat_smile: I’ll try to study that class video and any others that might help. :beers: