Layout background color

Does anyone know how to change the ‘Background’ of the Layouts window?
In this screenshot, I Floated my Layouts to better manage the interface (corners marked in red pen).
Unfortunately the Floating viewport does not pickup the Border Color from the Appearance>Colors menu (circled in blue pen).

It is easy to see how the backgrounds of the fixed and floated viewports blend together (Floating background where red squiggles are).

Does anyone have an idea to improve the contrast between floating and fixed backgrounds?
BTW: It would be great to change the thickness of the border line; this could also improve contrast.

Hello - here, I get a drop shadow around my floating windows -

That may be a Windows setting, not Rhino, but the background color is the vieport background as set in the Display Panel - changing that will only help if the other vierports are using a different display mode.


Changing the display background is a good tip and temporary fix. Layouts take the Wireframe display mode as default.
I cannot find where the drop-shadow is defined but that would do the trick.


Looks like it may be this -


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Thanks Pascal!
The registry editor did not work, but the ‘Performance Options’ window checkbox is the key.