Baking Geometries with Layer Attributes as a Group

I’m trying to bake objects defined in Grasshopper which should automatically be created in the layer selected from the value list. I’ve created the attached example to explain it better. There are three alternatives I’ve tried.

First one uses Human’s bake component and works as intended but it doesn’t group them together. I’m going to bake multiple objects at once so it’s important to create them in a single group.Also it’s not super important but when the objects are baked in this way, they’re showing isocurves even though the default setting on rhino is to not show them.

With the second one, I tried using group component but it gives en error when I bake and I couldn’t understand the reason. Is there a better way to group the items?

The third one is with grasshopper’s bake object component instead of Human’s. It already has an option to group objects in the same branch and it doesn’t show isocurves when baked but it doesn’t work when the attributes are assigned. I can only create with this in default layer.

I’m not sure what I’m missing here so help is very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance. (28.1 KB)


Have a look at Elefront, it has grouping option. (7.2 KB)


Oh sorry, the third one is already using Elefront’s bake component. The problem was I was using Human’s layer and attribute components with it. It worked with Elefront components now. Thank you.