Wish: Layer NAME colours - easier navigation of layer tab

I frequently have hundreds of individual layers and sub-layers to navigate through. The default layer tab is often tricky to navigate with such high numbers of layers. A solution I have come to think might make life easier is to be able to change the colour of the background of the layer name, either manually or as per a set of rules (eg. one colour per level (parent/child) of said layer. Depending on the colours used, the colour of the text would also likely need to be able to change.


Hello - for now, you can try using the layer filtering:




You mean something similar to Photoshop?

I often have to browse through multiple layers to hide or unhide the objects inside some of them, or to select objects that were assigned to a certain layer. Placing the most visited layers on the top of the list is not an option for me, because I want to have them arranged in a logical way (example: if there are 52 layers for a building 3d model with 50 floors, the top layer usually consists the roof parts, the middle 50 layers consist everything inside the 50 floors, and the lowest layer consists objects for the basement). Having the ability to add custom colours for the background of the layer’s name will heavily speed-up the way I can find the proper layers through the long list in the layer manager. For example, if I want to work primarily on several layers for the 7th, 21st and 44th floors of that building.

It’s been on the wish pile for a while. +1 for color coding layers in layer panel properties.


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