HideInDetail with worksession doesn't remember hidden objects


Drawing setup:

Drawing.rws (model.3dm is attached in drawing.3dm)

In the drawing there is a layout with a detail. When using HideInDetail to hide an object from model.3dm it works fine. When the file is closed and opened again all objects are visible again.

Is this a bug?

I know the option to work with layers on/off in detail in combination with layerstates, but my file already has a lot of layers and I don’t want to put every single object on a different layer.


@mary Can you help here? My understanding is that the layout is part of the 3dm that is active not the rws so hideindetail for objects in an inactive attachment can’t be saved. The fact it works though while in the rws seems like it ought to get saved when saving over the rws itself. Am I confused or do you think this is by design?

Hi Thomas,
A set of files would help. Please allow me to review what we know:

  1. HideInDetail only works with object that you can select in the model. Not with objects that are part of a linked block. However, layers could be an option, but details layer visibility does not work on the reference file either.
  • Model.dwg is referencing Drawing as a LINKED block using Reference Layers.

  • In Model, on the layout, and in the detail, the reference layers from the Drawing are turned off in the detail. The objects on that layer are no longer displayed.

  • However, save and reopen Model.dwg and the layers from Detail.dwg that were turned off in the detail are back.

Currently the Detail layer visibility on the reference layer is not being saved.
(This issue is not related to the use of Worksessions. RWS is simple a list of files that allows you to activate one at a time. You can attached a model to Worksession that has linked blocks. It gets confusing.)

Detail layer visibility is on the list for Rhino 6. However, it is not fixed yet.
However, good news in Rhino 6 WIP the global layer visibility is being save on the reference file layer.

If we need to work on this more, please send files that will help me understand this better.
Thank you.

Mary Ann Fugier
McNeel Technical Support and Training
Seattle, WA

Thanks Mary for the response.
Especially if the models are large the, the combination of clippingplanes, layouts and a large model is not working very well.
So, to create drawings we like to separate the model files from the drawing files.

We create a separate drawing.3dm and the model is attached as a worksession to the drawing.

In a lot if cases it is enough to use the layer on/off functionality. But sometimes we only want to hide an object in front of another which are in the same layer.

I also noticed that switching detail layers on/off is not saved as well.

Last but not least, if we create drawings on the manner as described above, and I shut down rhino and reopen my files again, I would like my drawings to be the same.

Drawing with model attached:

Layout with 4 details:

Hide some objects in the different details:

Save & close


Files are attached.Test.zip (107.1 KB)


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Have you found or heard of any fix for this issue? I have been having the same problem with the worksessions I work with and I am pulling my hair out.

Any help would be great!





Sorry for the delay, Thomas.

I have been in teaching most of the Fall. This need time to compare and contract to Rhino 5 and the Rhino 6 WIP, to be as thorough as possible. This is the same or very similar to Dan’s issue.


Thanks for all the details you posted here.

Worksessions or RWS files do not save layer visibility per detail.
However, both Rhino 5 & 6 will save per detail layer visibility of the active file only.
This is the same information that any Rhino files would normally save, even if Worksessions are not in use.

If you turn off a layer per detail, that is part of the active file, or hide objects in the detail that are part of the active file, and save the file, this will be saved or restored upon reopen.

If you turn off a layer per detail, that is part of a non-active file, or hide objects in the detail that are part of the non-active file, this will not be saved or restored upon reopen. Hope this helps clarify and illustrates the difference.

To be fair, this is confusing because Rhino does hide the layer and objects in the non-active file “temporarily.” It just does not remember it. If saving the visibility of non-active does not fit the logic of the worksession RWS file, then Rhino should not temporarily hide them either, in my opinion. So, I really believe that is the bug. And the first item here is a wish or feature request.

The Help file does say that LayerStates of the worksession file are saved. This is true, but only of the visibility state of the parent layer, not the nested layers. So if you have a LayerState with the LayerState manager, you can restore the layer state from the LayerState manger, and the visibility of the parent layer will be restored. Again to qualify this, no changes to the settings on the nested or child layers are stored or restored in the LayerState.

Thanks for the bugs and wishes, getting them posted now.

Mary Fugier