Save state of layers in worksessions/linked blocks

Hiding layers of worksession links gets lost when the file is closed. Would it be possible to by default for Rhino to remember which layers where changed/hidden. I applies to both worksessions and linked blocks.

Sorry, I realize that’s a poor explanation, but not quite sure how to describe it.

Hi Daniel -

The state of the layers in the files that are involved in the worksession is saved in the worksession file. You need to make sure to save that before exiting Rhino.

Thanks, I must have missed that - state didn’t seem to save last time I tried opening worksession file.

Just to be sure, if that works would it be possible to add this ability also to linked blocks?

It looks like this issue is still unsolved - for the layer visibility local(!) to a detail!

  • attach some files as worksessions
  • enter a detail, turn off the local layer visibility for the attached file(s)
  • save the file and the worksession
  • close Rhino
  • open Rhino, open the worksession
  • in the detail, the local layer visibility for the attached layers is on again.

Makes no sense - a bug then. (Guess it’s something you overlooked implementing the new layer visibility system)
It does, however, work for the global layer visibility.