Layer State per Detail

Is there a way to assign layer states per detail in Rhino 6 Mac? For example, can I use one layer state showing the furniture layer as solid lines and another layer state with the same layer as dashed lines for an RCP?

I am having trouble getting this to work. I have created a few layer states but they do not seem detail dependent.

If I change the layer state in one detail whether it is selected or I am in the detail it changes the layer state in all other details.

Is there a specific way to set layer states for details?

Can anyone else help with this? It would be a huge help to my workflow. Thanks in advance!

Hi - as you found out, there is no way to specify a layer state per detail.
A - perhaps somewhat clunky - workaround is to use a combination of a clipping plane and the Technical display mode. It requires that you draw the furniture as surfaces and not curves.
It is somewhat clunky because the Technical display mode doesn’t let you control the way hidden geometry is drawn.

I have added your request for layer states per detail to our open item RH-25711 - Attach layer states to viewports (visible to developers only).

EDIT: I’ve also added RH-57018 as a possible different solution to this specific request.

Hi Wim,

Thank you for looking into this. I really appreciate how helpful the forums have been for me as a new user.

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