BUG - Layer State Manager Not Working

Layer state manager functions properly until, at times, it fails to correctly revert all layers back to their saved layer states. The issue affects random layers, at random times, making the error difficult to reproduce. However, the problem does seem to be most persistent when working in files with multiple large linked and embedded blocks. Any help getting this fixed would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

To identify and fix the problem, we will need from you, a small sample file and the detailed step by step instructions to follow to reproduce the problem.

Without that example, it will be impossible to fix.


The problem is seemingly random as best as I can tell and so is not easily reproduceable. Layer state manager might work 28 times in a row and then break. I would also have to check to see what of our work we can and cannot post to this forum.

Detailed step by step instructions:

  1. change layer states in working file, both in model space and in details in paper space.
  2. use layer state manager to save layer state
  3. edit and save source file
  4. update linked and embedded blocks in working file
  5. use layer state manager to revert layers back to state they were in after step 1.

Hi Reed,
Thanks for letting us know about this isse.

We need a small sample 3DM that is the Linked file (the file being linked
and a 3DM that is the Parent file (the file doing the linking).

Are your using Active or Reference layers?
Feel free to attached a screen capture video as well.

Also please type, SystemInfo and paste the results into this thread.
Thanks for your help.

Mary Ann Fugier


There are multiple files linking into the parent file. When layer state manager does not work, the layer states for all of these linked and embedded blocks get messed up. So hard to know if the issue is related to any one file. I will check to see what kind of sample file I may be able to send, but I will have no idea if the issue will persist in that file. Again, it is seemingly completely random. I have paid close attention to my modeling practices when this problem occurs and have yet to find a common thread.


Hi @Reed_Lillie ,

Unfortunately, this is still true as well.
Let’s hope you or someone here on the Forum can come up with a repeatable process and collection of files.

You are welcome to delete everything that is not required and send only those objects that are required to duplicate the issue.

Mary Ann Fugier